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Undulant Orison

The undulant waves of the tumultuous sea are breaking as an orison,
The dusk is tending to extend towards the horizon.
The sand castle built ashore at some leisure gets washed away,
Tidal waves welcome the remnants with huge roars and they sway .

Your dream playhouse was lost in the depth of sea, mere sands now,
The inevitable destruction couldn’t be avoided though.
Myself, your memory, an eternity all were engraved in the unfathomable eddy.
Deep in the black hole of the mind the innocence tries to be steady.

Love of life now floats in the salty water, the wounds get aggravated,
How many lives can reach the desired destinations, no one mentioned,
We die umpteen number of times even before a squint on the brow,
The love, the life, the paths of success are
all just undulant tidal flow.

Myself, an entity, all the memories, were engraved ashore,
Deep in some depth of existence the innocence gets enriched to the core,
Only some adroit debris of past avalanches remain strewn ashore,
The frantic deflowered mind moans and bounces with pain evermore.


Infidelity the loss of trust in the relationship
spreads darkness in the heart,
Heart beats faster with some pangs of sorrow and distrust,
Distrust between two loving souls writes the saga of lost love,
Love is a redeeming principle that can be betrayed but never be annihilated.

Annihilation of love causes the soul to lose its existence,
Existence of faithlessness between two hearts creates bitterness,
Bitterness destroys the peace of life causing frustration,
Frustration makes the soul feel negative emotions like hatred.

Hatred between two lovers extinguishes the divinity of love,
Love without the divine touch of gratification is impure and shallow,
Shallowness in a relation destroys
the very essence of purification,
Only purification of mind and soul can bestow eternal pleasure.

Eternal pleasure is like a flowery fragrance that mesmerizes the profound sense,
Senses bloom like roses with the touch of compassionate yearning,
Yearning of amorous bondage between two hearts is lost ,causing a strained relation,
Relationship of love between two hearts who have lost faith is devoid of energy.

Energy of realisation of love depends on positivity ,
Positivity of love between two souls loses its beauty due to infidelity.

The Pain of Bereavement

The edgeless tumultuous ocean of sorrow
Breaks on the shore of hearts with intrepid waves,
Tender is the night with the dim light of the waning moon till the morrow,
Slowly and audaciously the loneliness creeps and craves!

Yes! My mind is ravaged,heart’s tormented
Exciting the tears in the eyes to drench my existence,
How could someone so dear leave me devastated?
I wonder! All those showers of tenderness
just a pretence!

Every human soul accepts the defeat at such intimate moments,
Promising frantically to forget the Love’s Labour’s Lost,
Swinging on the waves of the tempestuous heart that laments,
Peaceful Seagulls ashore carrying the epitaph on their wings aloft!

The love so pure and honest lost its claim to shocking sorrow,
The painful ruptures of the parting from the dear so exquisitely soft.
The vulnerable wind drifts with the joys of today and tomorrow,
The indelible mark of the ruthless ravager stamps the heart with scary spots!

Autumnal Whispers

The sweltering heat of the bright crimson
Sun glides away slowly with the Retreating monsoon ,
The crisp, cool wings of the Autumnal wind
gradually spreads its invocation,
The advent of the Rusty Autumn sets in with its Misty Veil,
The idle paths are moist with the leftover rain,here the whispering breezes prevail.

The crunchy Fall with the shedding leaves
of myriad colours red, orange, yellow and brown,
The Oaks, Maples, and the mossy Elms all loosing their faded woebegone leaves twirling by the window pane,
The dry crisp leaves crumple under the feet and fly randomly to be gathered in a heap,
The pumpkin spice,the fragrance of the burning rusty leaves in a cheery bonfire and the warmth to keep.

The crackling sound of the smoldering fire
warms the body and heart to the core,
I try to snuggle up with the melancholic and thoughtful songs and folklore,
The season of mist and mellow fruitfulness
Conspires to the crimson orange sun,
To supply abundance and blessings
Fruits and grains to fill the barn.

The Apple trees laden with fruit, the purple
grapes from the vines, carrots, turnips, beetroots in abundance,
The swollen gourds, the plump hazels and the honey from bees, collected with fierce inspiration.
The mornings cool, misty with sunlight seeping through the trees melts warmth in the autumnal rusty hue,
The evenings with a cool, musty odour of dampness embraces the whizzing breeze with its woe.

When the skyline becomes a canvas of
crimson and orange in search of the Autumnal Equinox,
The heart takes a dip in the gloomy pool of introspection, a paradox.
In the sleeping nature ,a kind of lull prevails, with the splendid autumn glory,
The magnificent scenery of Autumn gradually slithers away to prepare for wintry hibernation.

The Milkyway

The vast universe with its innumerable
stars and moons,
The galaxies, planets, satellites and the many unknown boons,
Oh! What an expansive dimension of overwhelming creation,
Makes every human feel like a dwarf before such a manifestation!

Every morning the Sun shines with its splendour glorified,
Earth ,the blue planet, shines and thrives with lifeforms sanctified,
Lord of creation, Brahma, sitting on the
Lotus of Vishnu’s umbilical cord,
Looks down with intense emotion to the world as a powerful overlord!

On the infinite blue canopy sun glares at daybreak and sets at the dusk,
The diurnal motion of the earth changes the time, an arduous task,
The pull of cosmic gravitation affects each celestial body,
The galaxy,the Milkyway clings gladly to the sky yet so moody!

Makes me wonder and ponder, what are these stars made of, how they shine,
Like a mute spectator, I wait on the vast seashore of the infinite timeline,
With a dark past and an unknown future the questions of life and death,
Travels on the waves of the galaxy that Death is inevitable, life itself ordains the wreath.

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